About this site

Hi, I’m Jon.

I’ve always been an active adult and am an avid runner, but several years ago a running injury sidelined me and prevented me from doing any serious running for about six months.  When I finally returned to running, I was overweight and very out of shape.

I tried returning to my normal training routine but had a miserable training cycle: the weight stayed on and I was much slower than I’d been just six months ago.  The whole experience was incredibly demotivating.

On a whim, I tried out Intermittent Fasting, and to my surprise, not only did the weight melt off, but I felt much better and my running improved dramatically.  Six months after I started IF, I ran the best marathon of my life, a 2:46–over 11 minutes faster than my previous best.

This experience–plus the countless others I’ve read from people using IF to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals–convinced me of the amazing transformative power of intermittent fasting and time restricted feeding.  So I decided to built a website of resources for others to learn about the subject.

If you’re new to IF, I recommend reading about how to get started with IF, or if you’re curious, you can read my full story on marathon training while intermittent fasting.